There’s a storm coming Mr. Wayne…

If you like Batman…

Citizens of Gotham

The Dark Knight

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
Written By: Frank Miller
The Dark Knight Rises
Directed By: Christopher Nolan
Harvey Dent believes his dis figuration revealed a hidden evil side. Bruce pays for Harvey’s reconstruction surgery and psychiatrists allow him to be re-entered into society. He returns to crime and is captured by Batman.  (Miller,  15-17 & 26) Dent becomes “Two Face” when he loses faith in the law and resorts to the only way he deems fair “chance”. Yet they allow Harvey to remain a “hero” to maintain hope for law enforcement in Gotham
We are aware that the Mayor is confident and that he is forcing Gordon into retirement, though unsure as to his replacement. ( Miller, 11 & 59) It is suggested that “the mayor is laying him (Gordon) off in the spring”
Selina works for Kyle Escort and is dressed as Wonder Woman Selina is Cat woman
Batman is…

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